Nigerian Fashion Designer, Veekee James, Recounts How She Met Her Recently Wedded Husband, Femi

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Nigerian luxury designer Veekee James and her recently wedded husband Femi have share their individual tales of how their love story started.

Their journey commenced in 2019 when they first crossed paths, and destiny set the stage for a beautiful connection. Fast forward to 2022, the year their romantic journey took a decisive turn. As Veekee James recounts, “You know something is ordained by God when it is peaceful. Our love story began in 2022. After we met in 2019, we became friends, and two years later, we started dating in 2022.

Veekee James

For Veekee, trust and happiness became the pillars of her relationship with Femi. She noted that the connection they share made it easier to navigate challenges that surfaced in the early stages of their love journey. “I began to trust Femi because he makes me happy and gives me peace. Since then, we have built a bond that is inseparable,” she joyfully expressed.

Femi, on the other hand, vividly recalled the moment he first laid eyes on Veekee James. “It was love at first sight. She was working, and I happened to be at the scene. I couldn’t stop admiring her attitude towards her work and how she looked stunning. Her beauty was really mind-blowing.” The admiration turned into conversations in 2021, and Femi knew without a doubt that Veekee was the woman of his dreams. “When I began to have conversations with Veekee in 2021, I knew right away that she is the woman of my dreams. Till infinity, I will choose Veekee over and over again,” he passionately declared.

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