Nigerian football will collapse in 2017 – Onigbinde

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Former Super Eagles coach, Chief Adegboye Onigbinde, has warned those in charge of Nigeria’s football, to be ready to fix things going wrong in the sport or it will collapse in the New Year.

Onigbinde claimed football in the country was on the brink in 2016, but certain situations need to be addressed urgently.

“It was unbelievable that Nigerian football could scale through the year 2016 without crashing despite experiencing situations which had killed football in other places across the world,” the former Technical Director of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) said.

“Those in charge of our football, failed totally in their responsibility to put the sport on its right pedestal, a lot of travesty and unpardonable mistakes, yet the resilience of the players of the national teams gave the country’s football a kind of lifeline.

“If this continues in the New Year, there is no way Nigeria would escape a collapse. The NFF recorded too many failures and crisis in one single year for it to remain standing, but care must be taken to avoid the country’s football not going down for the next four years.”

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