Nigerian Gang In Italy, Black Axe, Arrested By The Police

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Nigerian Gang In Italy, Black Axe, Arrested By The Police

The Italian police have arrested some alleged members of a notorious group known as Black Axe for their involvement  in illegal activities in the country such as prostitution, drug dealing, human trafficking, amongst many others.

The Nigerian gang numbering about 20, were apprehended by an anti-mafia squad in Palermo, Sicily, following the information revealed by a member of the gang who turned to an informant.

Investigations further revealed that a lot of criminal networks were being carried out including the identities of senior members.

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The nationwide operation against the group led to the arrest of the head of the group’s Italian operation in Padua, as well as other arrests in Torino and Milan.

According to reports, the Black Axe have forged links with the Italian mafia, the Cosa Nosta and the gangsters import drugs which are then distributed by the Nigerians.

The crossing over of people from North Africa into different countries, has been attributed as a major reason in the growing rise of criminal syndicates in the country.

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