Nigerian Pastor Miraculously Comes Back To Life After Being Declared Dead


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A Nigerian pastor, Anderson Chinenye has allegedly performed a miracle after he allegedly resurrected after being declared dead. The pastor who taken to a mortuary after being declared dead from heart disease at a hospital in Abia state allegedly woke up at the mortuary.

Herald sources gathered that family member’s and well wishers of the ‘late’ pastor had logged in to Facebook in order to pray for him and urge people to pray for him and save his life after they were given the news that he was dead.

His friends apparently asked people to pray for him with a belief that their prayer would be answered.

Hours after Gloria Alms a Facebook user’s first post pleading and calling on friends to keep him in their prayers, she posted the news that the pastor had woken up at the mortuary around 11:00pm a day after he was declared dead.

“Who says that there is no God that answers by fire people of God Jesusooooo, I thank you ooo for your miracles in your servant’s life, Oh my father you are really great in our lives our brother pastor Anderson Chinenye just woke up in the mortuary now. Glory to God the father for all my friends and his for your love and prayers, God said to that he has won death in victory this year this is my second testimony, one in pain that heaven on the 1st of January and now this is February Satan has lost the battle please let us trust God in his fullness God bless you all shalom it is my praise join me sing ALLEN USA COS JEAHOVA HAS DONE ME WELL OOOOOOOOO.””Praise the lord all the saints of God. Am Here live this hour to thank God for bringinning back to life my beloved pastor Anderson Chinenye. One army Jesus who died yesterday morning and woke up this morning by 11pm Nigeria. Tim at the mortuary, who says there is no god please come online and hear what the lord has for us regarding the this miracle of faith in prayers. ALLELUIA PRAISE GOD AND THIS THE WORD GOD GAVE ME TO SPEAK TO U NOW JUDGES 6: 12-18 PLEASE SHARE AND SAY SOMETHING COS IT COULD BE U, IS NOT A JOKE IT IS REALLY THERE ARE WITNESS ALL OVER AND AM PART OF HIS FAMILY SHALOM.”

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  1. Anonymous says

    We serve a living God His always doing wonders let His alone be praise

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