Nigerian Rapper, Reminisce, Recalls First Major Rejection in Music Journey

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Nigerian rapper, Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, widely known as Reminisce, recently opened up about a pivotal moment in his music career – his “first major” rejection. The ‘King Of Boys’ star reminisced about a time when a radio station dismissed him and fellow artist 9ice, rejecting their CDs because of the predominant use of Yoruba in their music.

In an exclusive interview with Zikoko, Reminisce shared the experience, recalling the discouraging feedback received at a radio station on the Island. The rejection centered around the perception that 9ice’s Yoruba-infused singing style was likened to that of a Babalawo (native doctor), while Reminisce himself was criticized for rapping in a manner deemed buffoon-like.


Reflecting on this challenging moment, Reminisce emphasized the lasting impact of the rejection, noting, “That was my first major rejection. I will never forget it, even 9ice I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten it.

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