Nigerian Singer Duncan Mighty Announces Hiatus for PhD Pursuit

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Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty, known for hits like “Port Harcourt First Son,” has revealed a surprising career shift. In a recent interview with 3Music TV, Mighty announced he’s taking a break from music to pursue a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

This decision stems from a strong belief in the importance of education for artists. Mighty himself holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Acoustics from Freiburg University in Germany. He highlights the challenges of attending a non-English speaking university, requiring Dutch language courses beforehand.

Taking a break from music wasn’t a difficult decision,” Mighty stated. “Talent is not enough, music is not enough… I have to back it up with education.”

He emphasizes the long-term benefits of education, especially for those in the music industry. “Education is the only thing that remains with you even in old age,” he said. “If you’re not educated, someone is out there waiting to use everything you have made.

Mighty’s dedication to education extends beyond his own studies. He serves as a role model for his fellow musicians, urging them to prioritize learning. “If you’re not educated,” he warns, “it’s not about singing today. It’s called recording business.”

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