Nigerian Vlogger, Ronke Raji Announces Her Second Pregnancy

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It seems Nigerian Vlogger, Ronke Raji is enjoying motherhood so much that she could not wait to have  another baby.

Ronke Raji has announced that she and her husband, Arthur are expecting their second child just few months after having their first child.

Ronke and Arthur, welcomed their first child, Amari, in June 2019 and seven months after, she has announced she is pregnant again

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Ronke shared the good news some hours ago as she released her maternity photos on her Instagram page.

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Ronke Raji

Wow page 1 out of 365. In 2019, on my stories I spoke a lot about sewing and how I was starting to learn to sew. That was something I made sure I learnt at the end of the year because being creatively inclined I felt like I could do so much. So here is a snippet of the dress I made myself and decided to do a shoot just to show you guys! I wanted something extremely goddess like and that’s exactly what I did. Here’s to a new year, new hobbies & new chapters

So about that dress.. what actually inspired me to do this was the fact that:

1. Yes, I am pregnant with baby number Two (Amaris going to be a big brother!), and I may have been holding back just that little information from you guys lol. I’m glad to FINALLY get this off my chest because I HATE that I’ve been having to be conscious of it showing for months.

2. Most maternity dresses looked a certain way and I sewed this dress keeping in mind that I wanted something elegant to announce my pregnancy. So I took matters into my own hands

3. I wanted to do some DIY projects on my website (which has now relaunched The amount of work that went into this website I can’t even begin to talk about but everything has come through full circle now. I’m now ready to take on 2020 with you guys on this new journey being a mother of two and blogging! My hopes for this year is that I change peoples perspective on beauty & motherhood through transparency and creation. Let’s do all this together

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