Nigerians blast Bashir Ahmad for saying Second Niger Bridge is ‘gift’ from Buhari

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Bashir Ahmad,  Special Assistant to President Buhari on New Media is at the receiving end of a heavy backlash.

This is coming after Bashir referred to the second Niger bridge as President Buhari’s ‘gift’ to Nigerians which would  be forever etched in the memory of Nigerians long after PMB’s administration has ended.

He tweeted;

”When the Second Niger Bridge is completed, it will be a gift that will keep the President @MBuhari’s administration in the minds of millions Nigerians for a very long time.”

The tweet has attracted heavy criticisms from Nigerians who found it offensive  that the provision of basic amenities by President Buhari would be termed a gift


” If completing the Niger Bridge is a GIFT to Nigerians from the President (according to Sir Bashir) then what exactly are the responsibilities of the President?

“Ghosting and Modeling?



“21st century feudalism. Thank you, Bashir, for another disrespectful tweet. 

“And thanks to PMB for liquidating his assets for the purpose of offerring this inestimable gift to “millions of Nigerians”.

“I admire how you have seamlessly bastardized tax payers to ordinary vassals.”



” To applaud a politician because he built a school, hospital or a road….is the same as congratulating an ATM machine for giving you money- Robert Mugabe



As per the president used his life-savings to build the bridge abi what ? Bashir, you are not wise sir



Bashir Ahmad said the Niger Bridge is a gift to Nigerians from the President. This present government is doing the most, making the citizens see their entitlements as a “Gift”. 

“Very soon they will say Electricity is a gift to us too..

” Alexa play me “Nonsense” by whoever sang it”



” Regardless of what Pdp gave or not. Provision of basic amenities is not a gift but the duty of people in power. Na only naija we go dey hail these people for doing their job . Gooosh😒”



“When I told you people that there is a serious propaganda to normalize incompetency, una think say na lie.

“The “16 years of PDP” mantra is outdated and cannot be used anymore to defend themselves.

“How can u call a bridge a gift? Quota system ajokakwanu.

“Bashir bụ ezigbo iti.”



” This Bashir guy always loves talking in the nonsense on behalf of his boss, Buhari.

“So construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge and provision of other basic infrastructures is now seen as gifts to Nigerians.

“Kai, I blame myself and others who voted for Bubu.”



“Bashir Ahmad said the construction of Niger Bridge is a gift to Nigerians from President Buhari. Of a truth Mediocrity is celebrated in this part of the world.”



“I agree with you, Bashir.

“The completion of a basic infrastructure by the President elected by the citizens would be a big gift for Nigeria.

“Don’t mind these ungrateful lots. They don’t know how lucky we are to have Buhari, who has made our economy the envy of other Nations.”

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