Nigerians Find Jonathan Untrustworthy – CPC

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The Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, in a reaction to President Goodluck Jonathan’s Christmas message that his government has the political will and determination to deliver on promises of positive change, have declared that the government has lost the trust of Nigerians and it would be very hard for it to gain it back.

The CPC speaking through its National Publicity Secretary, Rotimi Fashakin, noted that it is nothing short of miraculous that Nigerians survived the outgoing way considering what it termed the ‘deliberate pauperization policy’ of the Peoples’ Democratic Party-led government.

The President’s message had read, “No one should doubt that we have the political will and determination to deliver on our promise of positive changes in the living conditions of our people in the shortest time possible.”

The message also said that the efforts the government has been making in many areas will be more apparent next year due to the diligent execution of the government.

But the CPC had retorted, saying that Nigerians were full of doubt for the President, considering the sheer amount of unwillingness to make life easier for them, his incompetence and many broken promises.

It noted, for instance, how the year had started with a fuel price hike, and how the N2.67trn and N1.05trn spent on subsidy in 2011 and 2012 had mostly ended up in the private pockets of friends and allies of the government.

“The administration of the fuel subsidy regime, under the administration, has become a phenomenon in legendary opacity and monstrous corrupt tendencies.”

It also went on to add that the administration did not have the ability to tackle the numerous security challenges the country experienced in the outgoing year.

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