Nigerians in China berate FG over racism complaints, demand ambassador’s immediate withdrawal


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A group, Council of Nigerian Citizens in China (CNCC) has berated the Federal Government for allegedly ignoring complaints about racism against them.

In a statement, the group said that FG has not taken concrete actions despite available evidence at its disposal.

The statement read, “We note that the outright denial of what the entire world saw, verified and unanimously condemned has made a complete mess of Nigeria’s image among African communities globally.

“Nigerians in China and around the world who before now looked up to the federal government of Nigeria for rescue when under attack in foreign land is now helpless in the face of what is clearly a compromised adhoc committee.

“It is on record that the group of African Ambassadors in Beijing wrote a letter demanding cessation of forceful testing, quarantine and other inhuman treatments meted out to Africans. The letter was sent to State Councilor, Wang Yi, the Chinese government’s top diplomat, copying the chairman of the African Union, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and all African foreign ministers.

“This was not just Nigerians which our government claimed were staying illegally in China but the entire Africans. To say that Ambassador Baba Ahmad Judda is a disgrace to Nigerian and Africans is an understatement.

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“Listening to his rather puppetry interview where he described African scientists as incapable people who would just wait for the Chinese to produce vaccine even as he sheepishly pleads to the Chinese to invite them to a seminar was the hardest thing any patriotic Nigerian could do.

“It has become clear that the Nigerian Ambassador in Beijing China, Baba Ahmed Judda is not in China for the interest of Nigerians in China or Nigeria’s image.

“It is in light of this and many more that we Nigerians in China demand for immediate withdrawal of Ambassador Baba Ahmed Judda from Beijing.

“He has proved that he does not deserve, therefore, is not in China to represent Nigerians nor share to their plights.

“Even when the Guangzhou government had acknowledged the rampant racially motivated discrimination by their own people against us, our own government puts economy first before the lives of her citizens by denying the obvious.

“We implore our lawmakers to come to Guangzhou for full investigation, and meet Nigerian families who are legally living in Guangzhou with their families. Many African families now withdraw their children from school in their bid to protect them from racial abuse that has become part of our normal life in China.”

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