Nigerians mock FIRS, NIPOST for fighting dirty on Twitter

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Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) have engaged in a war of words over stamp duties charge on Twitter

Nigerians are having a field day mocking the two government agencies in a social media fight.

The drama began when Maimuna Abubakar, Chair of NIPOST Board accused FIRS of hijacking Stamp Duty charge from the postal service.

She noted NIPOST was the only agency authorized to engage in the sales of stamp duty and asked Nigerians to come to her help.

Reacting to the claims, FIRS  in a statement alleged NIPOST has been remitting government funds  into an illegal account.

Nigerians have taken to social media to mock the two government agencies since the Twitter brawl began


How did we get here that government agencies now come on twitter report each other to the people they care less about? …smh



2 government agencies NIPOST and FIRS are dragging themselves on this app while educating one another about the difference between Stamp duty and Postage Stamp

Yo !! leaving this country and never coming back should be on your bucket list because wtf !!


This is quite shameful. I don’t get why different Government agencies or senior Government personnel would have issues and bring it to Twitter. You all act as if you are not working for the same Government.


So unprofessional.
This is a shame, a stinking one for that matter, on both Parties involved.

How can so called government agencies be throwing tantrums on social media.

If I get power, I go suspend both of then straight, including the handlers.

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