Niyola Pleads for Prayers After Near-Death Experience, Expresses Gratitude for Divine Intervention

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Nigerian singer Niyola has opened up about a recent harrowing encounter that brought her face to face with a near-death experience. Urging her fans to join her in prayers for a complete recovery, the singer shared details of the incident, highlighting the profound impact it had on her perspective on life.


In a post on her Instagram page accompanied by a picture from a hospital bed, Niyola recounted the sudden turn of events that led to her fighting for her life. The singer refrained from divulging the full details of the incident but revealed that she unexpectedly found herself on the floor, engaged in a battle for survival.

Her account took a supernatural turn when she regained consciousness after hearing a mysterious voice. Niyola shared, “One minute I was fine and the next minute I was on the floor fighting for my life. All I remember after that was hearing a voice saying ‘And you shall by no means get hurt.’ The rest of the story is too long to share, but let me tell you, God is real and His words are true!

Expressing gratitude, she captioned the post with “Gratitude modupeoluwa,” signifying her thankfulness for the divine intervention that seemingly spared her life during this distressing incident.

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