No Room for Perfect Lives: 2Baba Calls Out Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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2Baba, the celebrated Nigerian musician, has taken to social media to address critics of his marriage to his wife, Annie. Demonstrating his love and admiration for their bond, he shared a heartfelt montage of their beautiful memories together on his Instagram page.

In addition to showcasing their love, 2Baba didn’t shy away from addressing the constant scrutiny and criticism that their marriage receives. He directly confronted those who hold unrealistic standards of perfection for couples, urging them to feel free to cancel him and Annie from their idealized notions of couple goals.

With an unapologetic tone, 2Baba expressed his indifference towards the critics’ opinions and encouraged them to enjoy their supposedly perfect lives. He emphasized that their judgments would not affect him or his wife, as they cannot be bothered by the unrealistic expectations imposed upon them. Instead, 2Baba urged everyone to focus on their own journeys and embrace imperfections.

2baba and his wife

Concluding his message, 2Baba invoked a sense of unity, mentioning the motto “ONE LOVE RELIGION” and referring to his fans as “WARRIORS.” He extended his wishes for guidance and protection to everyone, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and understanding.

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