Nollywood Actor Sylvester Madu Defies Critics, Flaunts Impressive Collection in Live Video

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu has finally broken his silence regarding a recent video that went viral on social media. The actor found himself at the center of attention after a video showing him selling second-hand items, commonly referred to as Okrika, at a market in Enugu, surfaced online.

Sylvester Madu

The video seemed to have been taken without Madu’s knowledge by an individual who later shared it on social media platforms. As soon as it was uploaded, the video quickly spread like wildfire, eliciting various reactions from fans who expressed concern for the actor. However, there were also those who saw no issue with Madu engaging in a legitimate side hustle alongside his acting career.

During a live session on social media, Sylvester Madu addressed those who had mocked him, expressing his disdain for their actions. He vehemently denounced their attempts to taunt him, stating that their efforts had failed miserably. Madu further emphasized the need for people to appreciate and support others’ hustles instead of resorting to online trolling.

Sylvester Madu

In a confident and unbothered manner, Madu proceeded to showcase a range of items available for sale, including furniture, generators, laptops, shoes, bags, and clothes. Proudly referring to it as his “business empire,” he invited viewers to take a closer look at the wide array of products he had to offer.

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