Nollywood Comedian, Bishop’s Message To Niger Delta Avengers

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Nollywood actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh popularly known as ‘Okon’ or ‘Okon In Lagos’ took to his social media page on Instagram to share a message with the Niger Delta Avengers who have been responsible for series of attacks on oil installations in the Niger Delta region of the country.

Bishop in a video message released on Instagram with the caption which reads below urged the militant group to sheath their swords and embrace peace.

Read his message below:

Niger Delta Avengers abeg e don do! Please sheath your sword and embrace peace. You are more than this na? There are matters and issues of more pressing import than bombing oil and gas pipelines. Bomb Boko Haram camps instead and Avenge the death of the many innocent lives Boko Haram have taken. Don’t make one classify u as terrorists cos I don’t want to believe you are. Embrace peace and let’s make Nigeria great and shame those who think we as a nation will be ripped apart. Also please leave Akwa Ibom State. Violence is alien to Akwa Ibom people so please don’t ignite it! #LoveYourCountry #horrortoterrornotterrortopipelines… Thanks. See link on my bio for full videos ?

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