Nollywood Queen Dethronement Saga Gets Messier

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The Director of the Nollywood beauty peagent who was accused of sexual harassment has come forward to deny the claims made by the dethroned Nollywood Queen, Grace Okoro Adaeze.

He wrote:

This is my reply to Grace Okoro Adaeze please read carefully!

I want to boldly and categorically state that i did not sexually harass Grace, in any way neither did i woo her! These are my reasons, Answers and evidences to Grace claims… I promise to be brief in my statement…

During the camp of Miss Nollywood beauty Pageant 2016, I was very busy to put and make sure the pageant was successful.. I barely had time for myself.. Now if i pulled off my clothes and tried to sleep with Grace as she claimed ‘He pulled off his clothes and tried to get me down’ Then She must have seen my body and must know if i don’t have or have injuries mark, whatsoever to trace.. Grace must provide and confirm if there is any mark in my body… Yes or no, the kind and type or mark.. As there’s no woman who will not remember i any trace of a man that tried to force her on bed..

Grace must also provide the text message she said i sent to her to meet me at the hotel corridor, time and date…

Grace said she slapped me and i sent an apology text to her. Just as she provided our chats about her certificate, Grace must provide the text message i sent to her as apology, date and time confirmation,.. ‘Graces’ words; (He later sent me a text that he was sorry that he don’t know what came over him and pleaded that I shouldn’t tell anyone about it’)… She must provide evidence….

On that faithful day of the ATM money withdrawal, they were on training Ground, of which no contestant is allowed to leave the premises, she excused me that she had an emergency to make use of Money, and that i should help withdraw money for her, Now its quite unfortunate She’s saying i defrauded her, she must provide evidences that i defrauded her and how i got her ATM pin..

Grace’s words; Mr Robynz told him that its so sad to see him defraud us’ Since from the Inception of Miss Nollywood Queens, including the immediate past ones, i have never taken or asked them to meet any Man, God bear me witness..

And the photos of the Miss Nollywood Facebook page can prove that.. Now Grace said i took them to politicians, She must provide photos and Name of the Politician, At the exact time and date… Grace’s word; when we got there, he introduced us to a man who we latter found out was a politician.

I have worked so hard for 15 years to keep my reputation and i will not allow Grace to drag me to the mud.. And this is also to clear that if I EBarakumo have done anything similar to the above claims with any on my Past and presence Queens, They should please provide evidences, Else am ready to go any length to prove my innocence..

My Name is EBarakumo Odede Solomon i am the publicity secretary Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria, (AMP) Bayelsa state Chapter, A movie Producer (the producer of poverty break, the breadseller, Prime suspect, featuring Yul Edochie, Junior Pope, Ebube Nwagbo, Jibola Dabo) These are few among many to mention..

Since this Incident i have received series of calls from Notable persons in Nollywood Home and abroad, Top Government officials.. And this is my statement…

The Program was held in Bayelsa state Government house Banquet Hall (Now DSP Alamieyeseigha Memorial hall)

Please read below the constitutions Miss Grace Adaeze Okoro violated; Our Official statement in response to Dethroned Miss Grace Allegations and Claims:

Miss Grace Okoro Adaeze violated several sections of the Miss Nollywood Organisation under BK Global Entertainment which led to her Dethronement: This is the same Constitution all our past Queens signed before appearing as a queen of Nollyowood. (e.g Gwen Ello, Mitchell Balfour) just a few to mention..

Section (6) After the crowning as a Queen of Nollywood, a queen still have no right to use the crown for any purpose until this constitution is signed by her….

Section 8, (2) of the Miss Nollywood Constitution states that ‘No Queen of Nollywood is Permitted to get or name her humble self a manager to oversee her services without the approval of the Organisation, If a Queen is found guilty in Provision of the above stated law she will be prosecuted with Dethronement of her Crown and will loose all her entitlements as a Queen of Nollywood to whomever the Organisation wishes to take over..

Queen Grace was given a copy of the Constitution to study for two (2) days, either to sign or reject the Miss Nollywood Constitution reasons are:

1. We do not in anyway force our Queens to comply with our Policies..

2. As a law abiding Organisation it will only be fair that we allow any Queen of Nollywood to decide for themselves..

Should Grace have evidences to prove Miss Nollywood Organisation wrong, then the evidences should be presented in Law Court, as this will be the last statement the organisation will release concerning Miss Grace Okoro Adaeze’s Dethronement..”

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