Nollywood Star Beverly Naya Advocates for Men to Embrace Emotional Vulnerability

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Nollywood actress Beverly Naya recently sparked conversation by expressing her desire for men, particularly Nigerian men, to embrace emotional vulnerability.

In an interview with actor Efa Iwara, Naya stated her belief that men being more in touch with and expressing their emotions would be beneficial in relationships.

I wished men were more in touch with their emotions like women are,” she shared. “And vulnerable, women appreciate that so much.

Beverly Naya

Naya went on to connect emotional vulnerability with genuine love, suggesting that when a man is vulnerable with a woman, it can be a sign of deep affection.

She further emphasized the importance of men being comfortable with vulnerability and dispelling the notion that it signifies weakness.

I feel like men, essentially Nigerian men, are conditioned to believe that vulnerability is a sign of weakness,” she noted. “And I don’t agree with that.

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