None of My Children Is Interested In Comedy – Alibaba Reveals


Even though Veteran comedian Alibaba is regarded as the father of Nigerian comedy, it may be hard tol believe that none of his biological children is interested in following his footsteps as a comedian.

Alibaba revealed this in a recent interview.

 “None of my kids is taking after me. However if you are talking about taking after me in sports, artworks and painting, then they are taking after me.

My daughter paints, another sings and is a broadcaster, one writes and another is into fashion. They all have a sense of humour but not commercially.” He said.

Having inspired generations of comedians, why is none of his kids is taking after him? He answered;

“They initially did not think that it was a business worthy going into but they have a great sense of humour and that’s as far as it goes. It’s not like they are looking to become the next Ali Baba, no.”

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