Nonso Diobi’s Shocking Career Twist: Why Did He Leave Acting Behind

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Popular Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi, has finally revealed the reason behind his prolonged absence from the Nigerian entertainment scene. In a recent interview with HipTV, the 46-year-old actor, who had been a prominent figure in the film industry for over a decade, shared his motives for taking a hiatus and his plans for the future.

Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi explained that he deliberately took time off to expand his knowledge and enhance his skills, aiming to bring something fresh and captivating to his beloved fans. With a passion for growth and innovation, he expressed his transition from acting to filmmaking, highlighting his newfound roles as a director and producer. In fact, Nonso revealed that he is currently working on two exciting movie projects that will soon be unveiled to the public.

Emphasizing his eagerness to make a remarkable comeback, Nonso Diobi stated, “I always take time off to acquire more knowledge, to become something else in entertainment, and also to keep giving my fans what they want. And basically, that’s why I’ve been off the scene for a while and I am coming back with a bang.” The actor’s dedication to self-improvement and his commitment to delivering quality content are evident in his decision to explore various aspects of filmmaking.

Nonso Diobi’s shift into directing and producing his own movies marks a significant milestone in his career. He expressed his enthusiasm for this new creative path, stating, “I’m also into directing now. I’m producing my own movies, and very soon, the fans will really understand why I took some time off. Because entertainment is my life.

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