North Korean President Makes Citizens Worship His Grandma, Bans Christmas

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The North Korean president, Kim Jong-un has placed a ban on Christmas and instead invented for himself and North Koreans a new celebration which involves his grandma, Kim Jong-suk.

The North Korean President’s grandma who was born on Christmas eve of 1919 has been made to replace the original Christmas celebration.

Jong-suk was before her death an anti-Japanese guerrilla and Communist activist. She was also the wife of North Korea’s first dictator, Kim Il-sung.

In a display of his blatant and unmasked hate for Christmas, Kim Jong-un has pronounced a ban on the celebration and ordered that the “Sacred Mother of the Revolution,” his grandma, who died in 1949 under mysterious circumstances be worshiped instead.

Worshipers of the ‘Sacred Mother of the Revolution’ are expected to visit her tomb yearly to celebrate the North Korean leader’s grandmother.

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