“Not Everybody Knows Davido Is Married” — Davido’s Alleged Side Chic, Anita Brown, Weighs In

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The recent social media leak of a photo featuring Nigerian music star Davido with a mystery woman has reignited relationship drama surrounding the singer.

Anita Brown, a woman who once claimed to be Davido’s side chic, took to social media to express her frustration. In a scathing post, Brown seemingly aimed her message at both Davido and the online community.

Y’all Gotta Stop Acting Like Everybody Knows That Man Is Married,” Brown wrote. “It’s So Many People In America Never Heard Of Him Until His Recent Album Or Because Of Drama. He Don’t Even Post His Wife.

Brown further criticized Davido for not publicly acknowledging his wife, suggesting this lack of online presence fuels speculation about his relationship status. “Celebs Like Clout, Why That Man Never Post His Wedding & His New Babies Or Post His Wife Enough For It To Be KNOWN,” she stated.

Brown concluded by urging men to publicly acknowledge their wives, seemingly implying a lack of respect from Davido. “Y’all Gotta Stop Coming For These Females, It’s Getting Old. Put Some More Emphasis On YOUR WIFE, That’s What Real Respectable Husbands Do.

Davido has yet to respond to Brown’s social media outburst.

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