Number Of Male Sex Workers On The Increase – Report

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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A new report has indicated that the number of male sexual workers in Zambia.

The report indicated that men living in Livingstone, Zambia have turned the tide of the women dominated prostitution industry around as they have taken over the business in the country.

The country is according to report witnessing a bizarre change in roles as women now employ the services of more male sex workers in exchange for money as against the usual Modus Operandi.

The alarming rate was exposed during the recent National HIV/AIDS stakeholder’s strategic framework plan meeting which held in Zambia.

Speaking on the increased number of men going into the prostitution trade, the Southern Province AIDS coordination advisor, Rosemary Makasu revealed that the increase in number of male sex workers in Livingstone, one of biggest cities in the country and also the Country’s tourist capital has proven to be a major problem.

She said: “Livingstone has seen an increase in the number of male sex workers. Most of them are mobile as they travel from other parts of the country into the tourist capital.”

Mrs. Makasu further noted that the prostitution business has become a lucrative one for the male counterparts as “some of these men even fight each other in some of the joints over foreign clients who seek their services. It seems lucrative as some of them have even constructed houses using the income they generate.”

She noted that the trend has however never been documented despite its negative impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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