“Olamide helped me because I was popular”— Portable

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In the latest episode of the Bae U Barbi show, Curiosity Made Me Ask, controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, confidently asserted that his hit song ‘Zazu’ had already gained global recognition before Olamide collaborated on the remix in 2021.

Portable needs help from Wizkid

Portable, known for his unfiltered and bold statements, emphasized that Olamide’s contribution to the remix wouldn’t have materialized if ‘Zazu’ hadn’t garnered significant popularity and global acclaim. In the interview, he debunked claims that he has been solely riding on the wave of ‘Zazu’ since attaining stardom, revealing that he has released multiple hit songs and two albums post-‘Zazu.’

Addressing his approach to staying relevant in the dynamic music industry, Portable stated, “Since we dropped ‘Zazu’ with Baddo Olamide, that one has gone. I am the one fans are listening to, I am dropping back to back. If you don’t drop again, they will forget you. If I don’t drop again, they won’t hear me. That is why I am putting more energy.

The singer attributed Olamide’s support to his pre-existing popularity, stating, “It is because I was popular that made Olamide help me. If I wasn’t popular, they won’t help me. ‘Zazu’ blew worldwide. My freestyle went viral.

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