Open Letter To Nigerian Youth Willing To Die For Nigerian Politicians – Abiyamo

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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A social media user identified as Abiyamo has written an open letter addressed to the Nigerian youth, especially those willing to fight and argue their points out over the vastness, objectives and qualities of political parties and politicians in the country.

The open letter as published on the social media user’s page reads:

“Dear Nigerian Youth who wants to die for Nigerian politicians especially that youth who will fight everyone when his political hero is criticized, come closer.

I have a message for you. Inside this private jet, you will see the billionaire son Ahmed Indimi of billionaire Mohammed Indimi (he is the one in front to the right looking at the camera) who just married Zahra, Buhari’s daughter, to his left, also in front, is his brother, Maikanti, who is married to Aisha Dangote and behind them in light blue is Babagana Sherrif, he is the brother of former Borno governor Ali Modu Sheriff and he is married to president Buhari’s daughter, Halima, the one who just finished from law school.

Take a second look at your destiny as the children of the politicians have already arranged their own destinies. In this photo, you will see people from PDP and APC background from different tribes from different states but they are all united because the elite is all one big family.

They do not care about any religious, political, tribal or ethnic difference, the only thing they care about is whatever agenda that will secure their future & guarantee their own prosperity & of their generations unborn.

So before you die for your APC or PDP hero, or before you fight the entire community because of any of the artificial divisions created by the intelligent humans to control and subjugate others, rethink your life. Nobody send you o…-ABIYAMO.”

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