Open Letter to the Senate President Ahmed Lawan – By Auwal Ahmed

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I decided to make this letter open for other people to know about some problems with our political leaders when it comes to fulfilling their promises to the people that voted them.

I am writing this letter to you with regret and deep thoughts in my mind on why you suddenly change your decision of curtailing the bumper allowances of senators.

I know how you have been one of the cardinal opposition of the 8th National Assembly, even though you were among the prime movers of the house as a majority leader.

Though, I know, it is normal for Nigerian politicians to criticize and accuse others to clear their ways to the throne of power, and I think you are not difference from other Nigerian politicians.

Mr. Senate President, you blamed the past 8th  National Assembly of embezzlement when you started having fracas with your boss, the immediate past senate leader and you promised to reduced the juicy allowances of the National Assembly, even though, you tried to do so but later you approved the payment. And, may be this was associated by the skeleton that you have in your cupboard that was about to be exposed.

You claimed of receiving N750, 000 which was abruptly argued by the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), in which he advised you to stop lying to Nigerians about your past salary.

Prof. Itse disputed your assertion with proof that Nigerian senators still collect N15 millions in every month. And, I think this is one of the reasons that made you approve the payment of the 9th National Assembly members to avoid further attacks.

Mr. President Nigeria is still recuperating from its economic melt down yet our politicians are the highest salary earners in the world. Nigerians and civil societies for long have been agitating for the reduction of salaries and stoppage of some unnecessary allowances of politicians and this must begin with the National Assembly for states to follow suit as the wanton spending is similar.

Nigerian senators are collecting more than a seating president of America and these analyses of a senator earnings explain why Nigeria is in the manacle of retrogressive.

Basic salary/Regular allowances 11,145,200/9,926,062, Furniture 3,039,600/2,744,454, Motor/Vehicle Loan 5,066,000/4,963,031, Duty Tour Allowance per day 23,000 21,000, Severance/Gratuity 6,079,200/5,955,637, Estacodes $600/$550

Mr. President, this is why Civil Servants Minimum Wage has not been implemented, this is why many Nigerians youths are still unemployed and being vagabond, this is why the masses are suffering because almost the quarter of the budget of Nigerian is going to the National Assembly’s account.

The APC slogan is change and the people of Nigeria are expecting any meaningful change that will make impact to them and their living condition.

Nigerians have not voted their leaders not because the leaders must to be at the top of them but for the leaders to give them what is their own in terms of health care, protect their rights, social amenities and security.

Mr. President, the ball is now in your court and if you are clean and remain to be clean there is nothing that will scare you from intimidations and you can achieve your targets as the Senate President of the 9th National Assembly.

Remember you are the choice candidate of the ruling party and the preferable candidate of the president and your mission to assist the president to achieved his next level mandate through transparent and economized government starts from your chamber.

Though, it is hard for someone to reduce his own benefit but if you believe in your patriotism your nationalism will help you put Nigeria at the starting point of progress.

I hope you will decide to take the bull by the horn and set the country on its track of prosperity for the benefit of the majority.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim

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