Osinbajo Caught Lying On National Television!

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VP Yemi Osinbajo

In this clip, Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is blatantly caught lying on Channels Television.

His uncomfortable denial that any exchange took place between the government and Boko Haram militants during the recent release of 21 Chibok girls has all the hallmarks of a mischievous lie.

Apart from his tongue-twisting shiftiness and a general demeanour portraying deceit, Nigeria’s own military personnel had earlier stated in contradiction that four Boko Haram commanders were released in exchange for the girls.

Associated Press additionally quoted a ransom in the figure of millions of dollars being paid, fuelling speculation from security analysts that the funds received by the militants will likely be used to bolster their ranks to inflict yet even more damage on Nigerian soil.

So, why am I making such a fuss over a politician lying? It is known to be part of their vocabulary worldwide. Well, perhaps we hold Osinbajo to a higher moral barometer than most politicians given the fact that he is known as a Pastor and a right-hand-man to Enoch Adeboye, the overseer of the world’s largest church.

Despite the joys of seeing those girls released, a clip like this leaves me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. Call me a cynic if you will but I hate all these tongue-twisters, especially those who purport to act under God’s banner.

Jojo Kwebena sent this from Nigeria, he can be contacted on; [email protected]

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