Osun State Permanent Secretary’s son Commits Suicide

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An Osun state former Permanent secretary’s son committed suicide after he could no longer make ends meet for himself.

The former Permanent secretary Bureau of General Services, Office of the Governor of Osun State, Mrs Olufunke  Kolawole, who is now late, was murdered by hired gunmen last year on her way to Abuja.

The Permanent secretary’s son, Tolulope Kolawole ended his life and reports indicate was that it was frustration that led him here.

The 32-year-old reportedly hung himself.

According to the Punch, Tolulope had complained a lot about the farm he was managing as the business was going rather badly.

The Permanent secretary’s son left behind a wife, reportedly had a friend whom he told about his problems and how his wife was complaining about the situation.

The Punch reports that a man who identified himself as Remi Taiwo, revealed this to them. He said; “The friend, whose name I can’t recall, was said to have been very helpful with monetary support and had warned him against taking any negative step to finding a solution to his challenge.”

The police also confirmed the suicide revealing that the case was reported at the Dada Estate Police Station, before it was transferred to the Osun State Police Command in Osogbo.

According to the Punch, the police source said: “The young man was said to have lamented the lull in the business bequeathed to him by his late mum.

“He was said to be constantly complaining to one of his friends in Ibadan, Oyo State, and that one kept encouraging him and offering him financial support.

“But he decided to hang himself when he could no longer bear it.

“He was said to have put a rope round his neck and was standing on a chair,  but had not kicked the chair away before somebody arrived at the scene.

“ The person was said to have pleaded with him and had ran to call residents, but the deceased was said to be found dangling before help could come.”


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