Osun Workers Strike: Gov. Rauf Aregbesola Promises Famine Will End by March 2018


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On Wednesday, Mr. Jacob Adekomi the Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress in Osun State and Labour leaders led other unions’ leaders to close down the State Secretariat at Abere in an indeterminate strike.

On Friday they had announced that they would begin an indefinite strike straight after the Christmas break over volatile salary, lack of career improvement and the non-reimbursement of their donated pension deductions to workers’ pension accounts.

Mr. Amudah Wakeel the chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers, Labour leaders and the NLC chairman, arrived at the Secretariat gate as early as 7am on Wednesday to make sure they complied with the directive from the labour leaders.

The NUT chairman informed correspondents of THE PUNCH that “workers from grade level 01 to 07 who were collecting full salary joined the strike because the strike was not based on the issue of half salary alone.

I am satisfied with the level of compliance to the strike directive” he described it as a total one.

“We are on strike in Osun. We are here at the State Government Secretariat, Abere to ensure a total compliance to the strike directive.

As you can see, no worker came to resume work today because they are our members and the labour directed that they should stay at home.

The labour is indivisible, that is why those who are collecting full salaries also complied. The strike is not even about half salary alone. The issue of promotion is there, pension is there and are you saying those from level 1 to 7 will not retire in the future?

The compliance is total and we are happy about it. Nobody can divide us. The labour is one indivisible family whether you are on level one, 13 or any level.”

During a meeting with Rauf Aregbesola the Governor of Osun State The workers stated that the state had the financial power to pay them their full salaries. Since September 2015 most have allegedly been on half salaries. Even after learning of the Governor collecting N6.3 billion third tranche of the Paris Club refund.

During an address at the Civil Service Week the Governor stated that 18 out of 25 people in the state workforce had been collecting full salaries and only 7 out of 25 collected reduced salaries.

“I applaud their perseverance and promise that this period of famine will end by March 2018.” The Governor said.

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