“Our hope in Nigeria must never die” – Fayose urges Nigerians at Easter

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Former Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has urged Nigerians never to lose hope in the country.

He made the call in an Easter message released on Good Friday.

According to Fayose, Nigerians must keep hope in Nigeria’s socioeconomic development alive like Jesus Christ.

He said that as Jesus did not give up on his mission of saving the world despite many travails, so also Nigerians must not give up on the country.

Fayose said, “In the spirit of Easter, we must let our hope in Nigeria be as alive as Jesus Christ.

“That our Lord Jesus Christ never gave up on his mission for our salvation despite the betrayals, humiliation and persecution is the reason we must never give up on our country.

“The death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ has given mankind the hope that no situation is beyond the divine power of God.

“By raising His Son, God has established and secured our hope for a better tomorrow.

“Therefore, Nigerians must not to give up but keep hope alive.”

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