Outrage as Femi Adesina calls Nigerians lucky to have Buhari as President

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Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity has come under heavy backlash following his statement that Nigerians should count themselves lucky to have Buhari as President.

Adesina made the statement as a reply to critics of the Buhari-led administration who attacked Buhari over his perceived incompetence in handling the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“A quote from mischief makers is making the rounds, ascribed to me. I just dey laugh. I am a Buharist any day, no apologies, and I believe the President is leading the country well. In fact, we are lucky to have him at a time like this. All attempts to demonize me will fail.” Femi Adesina tweeted

Angered by his statement, aggrieved Nigerians have since taken to social media to blast Adesina and his boss.

Read some reactions culled from Twitter


“Dear Femi, no one is demonizing you, your remarks and violent outburst toward Nigerians, are responsible for what you see on social media. There’s a unanimity of views when it comes to your lack of integrity and sycophancy.”

“Please, do a self-evaluation.” #RedefineNigeria


“There’s no problem being a buharist for eternity, but to say that the President is leading the country well is a clear case of someone speaking from his stomach…”



“Well u can only speak for ur family alone if u finally decided to worship

@MBuhari till u both die. Well what u are doing for Buhari, My Dog can actually do the same when I feed him well….so am not surprise. So speak 4 ursef and family”
“Mr Femi, it is insulting to say Nigerians are lucky to have a president that has been a complete failure and whose cardinal objective is the prosecution of northern hegemony. I give up on you! A day of reckoning awaits all of you working for Buhari and deceiving Nigerians”

“This man must be suffering from hard substance… He speaks from his Anus… Why praise a man who is Tribalist and Religious Bigotry… A man who has to increase our foreign debts and empty the Nation Treasuring… Shame of you Femi Adesina”


“I can list the plethora of reasons why no sane human being should support Buhari but I really do not blame you. People like you cling to any straw capable of translating into basic means of survival, including the pecuniary and culinary. Shame!”


Bcoz u r in aso rock u may not know what is really going on but I can confirm to u that buhari govt is worst than any government I have experienced, I am 30+ and I can confidently say Buhari is useless and sir u will not end well

He used his journalism to fight the truest and the realest leadership Nigeria ever had just to enthrone a divisive element and an ethnic bigot .

May God run your life the way Buhari is running Nigeria. May your legacy be the same as the legacy Buhari will leave behind in 2023. Amen.

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