#PanamaPapers: Police raid law firm’s office for evidence

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Following the leak of documents which has implicated world leaders and beamed spotlight into the world of corruption and the use of offshore companies to evade tax payment, Police have begun search of the Panama based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, from which the documents were leaked.

The raid of the law firm’s headquarters according to the police was ordered by the Chief Prosecutor and Attorney-General of Panama, Javier Caravallo, in search of any evidence of illegal activities and evidence to link the firm to claims of tax evasion and other Crimes.

It was gathered that organised crime prosecutors searched the company for evidence of money laundering and terrorism links while Police operatives guarded the perimeter.

The Attorney-General of Panama’s office in a released statement said the major aim of the raid was “to obtain documentation linked to the information published in news articles that establish the use of the firm in illicit activities”.

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