Paris Club Refund: NLC Names the 10 States Refusing to Pay Workers

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NLC President, Ayuba Wabba

The National Labour Congress named ten states which according to them have refused to pay workers out of the Paris Club bailout given to them to do so.

Speaking at the National Executive Council meeting of the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU) in Abuja, NLC President Ayuba Wabba, pointed out the states not utilising the funds and stated that work was underway to compile a list of erring governors.


Speaking to The Nation, Wabba said; “Out of the 36 states, we have 10 bad case scenario and out of this 10, we have six terrible ones. We have promised to name and shame them. Those states include Imo that has been paying workers salaries in percentage and has not declared utilisation of the bailout fund and Paris Club refund. It is part of the states that ICPC has mentioned in fund diversion.


“They paid 40 per cent pension to their pensioners without their consent and provided a form for them to sign under duress. That is not allowed in law. We have Bayelsa, which has between five to 10 months arrears. Ondo is owing between four and six, Ekiti (five to eight), Benue (five to eight) and Kogi, which is the worst-case scenario.


“We have three categories of workers in Kogi. We have 40 per cent that is being paid up to date, we have 25 per cent that has not been paid between eight and 16 months and another 25 per cent that has not been paid between eight and 21 months. In all, the sectors, they have categorised the workers into three categories.


“We also have the case of Osun which is also paying in percentage but is up to date. Ebonyi, unilaterally, without discussion with the union tried to reduce the salaries by a certain percentage and have also not made available records of the utilisation of the Paris Club refund.


“We have the case of Zamfara, which is the only state that has not implemented the minimum wage and all attempt (including agreements they have signed) to get them to make available records of the utilisation of those funds have failed. The last one is, Abia which has a problem with the parastatals. On average, other states are above board.”


Wabba added;  “As I speak to you, both Zamfara and Benue are on strike and I am aware that Kogi has issued a notice, which is in conformity with the decision we took at our last NEC meeting that any state with liability of more than three months should start an action and we will be there to support them.”

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