Pastor Jimmy Odukoya cautions against entitlement culture among men

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Renowned Nigerian pastor and actor, Jimmy Odukoya, has shed light on a concerning societal trend during a recent sermon at The Fountain of Life Church. The pastor addressed the prevalent issue of men being raised with a sense of entitlement rather than being instilled with crucial values of responsibility and accountability.

In his impassioned sermon, Odukoya expressed his belief that society has fallen short by fostering an entitlement mentality in men. He challenged the prevailing mindset where men often demand submission without providing a clear vision for their households. “Men have the mentality that a woman must submit because he is a man. If you’re asking for submission, what vision is she submitting to?” Odukoya questioned.

Jimmy Odukoya

The pastor went on to critique the flawed approach to raising boys, highlighting how societal expectations often limit their growth in maturity. “Society has failed because what you will find is that they tell the boy when he is growing up to sit down and not do anything. ‘You’re a boy, ah ah don’t worry, relax, it’s the woman’s job to clean, it’s the girl’s job to cook,’” he illustrated.

Odukoya stressed the importance of teaching boys essential life skills, responsibility, and accountability from a young age. He challenged the entitlement complex that arises when boys are not equipped with the necessary skills and values. “You can’t call yourself the head of the home and you’re not doing anything; respect is earned and not given,” he emphasized.

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