PDP Destroyed Nigeria, Responsible for Present Hunger, Recession – Edo Dep. Gov.

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Edo Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu, has lamented the 16 years rule of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying corruption in those years, brought about the present hunger and recession in the country.

According to Comrade Phillip Shaibu in an interview with Vanguard, the damage done to the nation during the PDP era, will take time to correct, stressing that they created an atmosphere for corruption to soar in the country.


“It is true that things are hard because so many things went wrong during the PDP administration era. And that is why when people say we should stop talking about the past, I feel they are not being fair to this administration,” Shaibu said.


“For 16 years, everything that makes a nation great was destroyed under the PDP and it will take this administration some time to fix them. The truth is that these characters ran Nigeria into recession and this administration is doing its best to get us out of the situation.”


Continuing, the former lawmaker added that, “This hunger we are talking about, in the general context, will be there when we have billions of naira in people’s homes. Somebody once told me that corruption creates jobs, that is what the PDP said. The PDP did not only steal our money, they also worked on our psyche to make us believe that corruption is something that should be encouraged.


He noted that the present government is taking up the fight against corruption seriously, a reason an incumbent Senate President, a member of the ruling party, will be tried.


“If a sitting Senate President is being tried by his own party that is in power,” he noted,  “it shows that the government is not biased. It is not about APC or PDP. The Senate President passed through all that and he was acquitted.


“This cannot happen during the PDP administration because many of them were united in corruption but APC is not united in corruption. APC is united in prosperity.”

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