Pharaoh Tinubu, Let Our People Go- Jimi Agbaje

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The candidate for the People’s Democratic Party for the Governorship elections in Lagos, Jimi Agbaje, has hit back at APC’s Bola Tinubu after the latter mocked him for using the ‘Freedom’ slogan.

Tinubu in a meeting with stakeholders had mocked Agbaje, saying: “Those who said they wanted freedom should go and learn tailoring and vulcanising and we will do freedom for them later. They do not have the people.”

But Agbaje hit back in a statement of his own claiming that the former Lagos State governor was like the Egyptian Pharaoh in the bible who refused to let the Israelites go

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“Pharaoh, you must let our people go!” Agbaje said.

“Apparently, the APC leader has lost touch with reality,”

“Otherwise, he would know that, like the children of Israel, Lagosians are groaning under the taskmaster that Tinubu and his cronies have turned themselves into in this state that should rate as Nigeria’s foremost,”

“We identify with our vulcanisers, tailors and all craftsmen who have the joy of duly-earned freedom after their apprenticeship.

“But it is apparent that, unlike them, those who have gotten used to filthy lucre and the dividends of corruption cannot savour the joy that comes with the legitimate sweat and labour of hardworking artisans.”


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