Graphic Photo: Popular Tinsel Actress Shares Her Domestic Violence Tale

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Joju Muse

Joju Muse,  who plays Sammie on the hit series, Tinsel has come out to speak about the violence she suffered at home at the hands of her younger brother.

With the case of Ronke and Lekan Shonde in the spotlight, the national consciousness has been turned towards the issue of domestic violence.

She took to her Facebook page to recount the ordeal, stating that domestic violence could come in many forms and not just a husband battering his wife. She said,  “I regret this day the 22nd of May 2016. I was brutally assaulted by someone I least expected. I cry out against domestic violence, and I will always do. But how does one handle this? When the culprit is my own blood?

Today I cut the tie between us,with no regrets!. I didn’t throw the first punch! But you beat me to a pulp. I suffered a seizure and i’m to do head and chest x-ray all thanks to you. I’m not ashamed of this pic, i’m only ashamed of d monster you’ve turned out to be. You were brought up in the ways of God. In a good home! I wonder how you turned into an end time beast.

I forgive u. But u will never be part of me for this. Sme ppl will say it’s nt a social media tin. But domestic violence happens in all forms. Say NO to assault on women! Let’s join hands to sanitise our homes and environment. Say NO to all forms of domestic violence! Av a Blessed week.”

She also responded to a comment from a fan who consoled her saying “Thanks guys. My EX kid bro was d actor in d whole movie. It can only get better. At the end of the day. All man for himself.”

She also took a picture of herself after the incident, you can see it below.






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