Jos Experiences Ice rain

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It’s raining Ice, Halleluyah.

Residents of Jos were in for a surprise when they woke up this morning to realise that they had experienced some hail during the night and they found Ice deposits all over.

Temperatures in Jos, the capital city of Plateau state can drop to as low as 10° because of its location which is at about 1,238 metres or 4,062 feet high above sea level.

This means that sometimes they experience ice instead of rain falling in the state.

The ‘Icefall’ has always been of great fascination to residents and non-residents alike due to the abnormality of the situation.

Jos is known for being harshly cold with tourists regularly complaining about the bitter cold which is sometimes comparable to winter in foreign countries.

You can check out photos of the phenomenon below.

Ice Rain


Ice Rain1


Ice Rain2


Ice Rain3


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