PHOTOS: Triple Breasted Models Grace Catwalk in Fashion Show

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A Fashion show is typically popular for its outlandish clothing as designers outdo themselves on the weirdness spectrum of things

The Milan fashion show did make us sit up and look as there were models with three breasts doing the catwalk

The design was from Italian fashion label GCDS which was putting out its rave-ready collection for women

The models weren’t actually triple breasted but were sporting a prosthetic breast between the natural pair.

The idea is an homage to Total Recall (the Arnold Schwarzenegger iteration) which featured a prostitute who was sporting 3 breasts and was one of the things people remember the most about the movie (apart from the repulsive death of the villain)

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The fashion show had the models in luminous crop tops, mini skirts and utility harnesses

You can check out some of the photos below







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