PHOTOS: Woman Goes on Tinder Date Completely Naked, Date Doesn’t Notice


A Baltimore woman, simply known as Joy did the unthinkable when she went on a Tinder date wear nothing but her birthday suit.

The brave model had her clothes painted on by popular American artist Jen Seidel, also known as Jen the Body Painter .

The painting job done by Jen and her daughter took two hours to complete and at the end of the process it was quite hard for anyone to notice that she was indeed not wearing any clothes.

Someone say the Emperor’s new clothes? Well this was even better.

She had painted on her a pair of blue ripped jeans and a floral top ready for her big date to the local shopping centre.

Joy said of her little experiment before heading out; “It’s not my first Tinder date but it is my first painted Tinder date.

“The guy I picked is a comedian and he’s really really really funny, so I’m looking forward to meeting him and seeing his reaction.

“I don’t know if he’s even going to notice because this is, like, awesome and I’m kinda hoping I get to know him a little bit today and some good conversation if he’s not completely distracted by the situation going on right here.

“I’m looking forward to it and I feel covered so I’m confident.”

The date goes well and the guy is none the wiser. He was suspicious though as a group of girls spotted her and there was a clamour for selfies.

Joy had to admit her game plan when they were about to walk into the rain.

You can check out her amazing pictures below.







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