Plagiarism: Lai Mohammed Gives Accusers 7 Day Ultimatum To Apologize

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Minister for Culture and Information Lai Mohammed has hit two men who accused him of plagiarism with a 7-day ultimatum to retract their claim and apologize or face prosecution.

The two men -Akin Fadeyi and Omo Bazuaye, who run a communications firm known as Bufferzone International Limited, Lagos had accused the federal government of stealing their idea for the Change Begins with me campaign saying that they had been the first to come up with it.

The men had claimed that Mohammed had taken meetings with them but had rejected the idea and that they were surprised and dismayed that Mohammed then allegedly used their concept later on for the Change Begins with Me campaign.

Lai Mohammed had come out to deny their claims stating that he’d had the Change Begins with me concept for a long time and had even finalised plans for it before he became minister.

He has not directed his lawyers Falana and Falana to write the men a letter demanding they retract their accusation and apologize or face prosecution.

The notice issued on the 19th of September said; “Having damaged our client’s hard earned reputation by your reckless action, we have his instructions to demand a retraction of your libellous publication within seven days of the receipt of this letter.

“Take notice that if you fail or refuse to accede to our client’s demands, we have his instructions to sue you with a view to restoring his reputation which your reckless publication has damaged.”

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