Pogba Faults Four Years Football Ban, Denies Doping Allegation

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Pogba Faults Four Years Football Ban, Denies Doping Allegation

Juventus football star Paul Pogba has expressed his displeasure over the four-year ban slammed on him over an alleged doping offence, The Herald reports.

According to Pogba, he is shocked at the decision to ban him from playing football for the next four years, as he is innocent of the allegations.

The Herald understands that the four-year ban on Pogba, which was announced on Thursday, means that the 30-year-old will not be able to participate in any matches until 2027, when he reaches the age of 33.

According to reports, it all began when Pogba was randomly tested after Juventus’ first match of the season on August 20, 2023.

Following the test, the former Manchester United midfielder faced a provisional suspension in September 2023 due to elevated testosterone levels found in a drug test.

According to reports, testosterone is a hormone that increases the endurance of athletes.

In another test done in October 2023, Italy’s national anti-doping tribunal confirmed Pogba positive, which led to them requesting a four-year suspension for Pogba.

The ban, according to the anti-doping tribunal, was backdated to the date of the failed test.

In response to the ban, Pogba lamented the fact that everything he has been working for for years has been taken away.

He further revealed that he was going to appeal the decision of the anti-doping tribunal.

He said, “I am sad, shocked and heartbroken that everything I have built in my professional playing career has been taken away from me.I have today been informed of the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping’s decision and believe that the verdict is incorrect.

“When I am free of legal restrictions, the full story will become clear, but I have never knowingly or deliberately taken any supplements that violate anti-doping regulations. As a consequence of the decision announced today, I will appeal this before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. What is certain is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break a rule.”

The football star also noted that he has never intentionally used doping substances because he knows that, as a professional athlete, he is not meant to use any banned substance.

Pogba further stated that he has never disrespected or cheated fellow athletes and supporters of any of the teams he has ever played for or against.

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