Poll: 2,000 Nigerians tell Ahmed Lawan scrapping Senate won’t cause anarchy

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Senate President Ahmed Lawan’s claim that scrapping the Senate would cause anarchy in the country has been refuted by 2,128 Nigerians.

Lawan spoke Friday at a retreat for top management staff of the National Assembly and National Assembly Service Commission in Abuja.

“Ask for what you think we should be doing rather than saying close down the Senate or the National Assembly.

“Do you understand the implications of what would happen if we close the senate? I am not saying so because I am in the Senate.

“The Senate is a leveller because in the House of Representatives, population is major.

“That is why some states will have five, six members and others have up to 20. So, if you say close down the Senate, there will be a day when people will cry foul.

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“In the Senate, what Kano produces is what Bayelsa will produce. There are three senators in Kano and three senators in Bayelsa, so that stabilises the system,” the Senate President stated.

However, the Nigerians reacted in an online poll conducted by popular Nigerian daily, The Punch newspapers.

The Herald can report that 2,800 respondents participated in the poll.

Out of the total number, 76 percent representing 2,128 respondents disagreed with Lawan’s assertion.

However, 15 percent representing 420 respondents agreed with the assertion while 9 percent representing 252 respondents said they were not sure.

See poll:

Lawan tells Nigerians


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