Portable Denounces Baby Mama’s Interview, Labels Her a Side Chick

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Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has unleashed a fiery response against his baby mama, actress Ashabi, following her recent interview where she delved into their love life. In the interview with actress Biola Bayo, Ashabi provided insights into their relationship, expressing skepticism despite Portable being married and having multiple women. She asserted that despite the singer’s complex romantic life, she feels like the one he is truly married to.


Portable, in a series of videos on his Instagram story, vehemently rebuked Ashabi, categorizing her as nothing more than a side chick. He questioned the purpose of her revealing interview and reminded her of her place in his life.

Expressing his frustration, Portable reminded Ashabi that he is a responsible man with a wife and children at home. He defended his acceptance of her pregnancy, asking if he had committed any wrongdoing by acknowledging their child. He emphasized that his wife has never engaged in conflicts with any of the women who had children for him, emphasizing that Ashabi is just one among several.


In a direct and pointed manner, Portable made it clear that Ashabi could never compare to his wife and emphatically stated, “You can never stand beside my wife.

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