Portable Proposes Marriage To Influencer, Papaya Ex

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In a surprising and attention-grabbing turn of events, the popular street singer, Portable, has made an intriguing and somewhat audacious marriage proposal to the well-known influencer, Papaya Ex. The singer, who is no stranger to controversy with multiple baby mamas, has apparently found himself captivated by the socialite’s charm and took to her DM to express his affection in a rather unique manner.


Portraying himself as smitten with Papaya Ex’s beauty and allure, Portable didn’t hold back in showering her with compliments. He went a step further by playfully referring to her as not just a ‘fish’ but a collection of ‘fishes,’ highlighting the depths of his admiration for her.

The unexpected twist came when Portable, known for his street-wise persona, went from compliments to a marriage proposal. He, quite boldly, proposed to make Papaya Ex his sixth wife, a proposition that might have raised many eyebrows given his existing family situation.

Papaya Ex

Attempting to sweeten the deal and entice Papaya Ex, Portable made an enticing promise. He vowed to give her a substantial 30% share of all his wealth and assets if she were to accept his marriage proposal. Such an offer, while extravagant, is a testament to the seriousness with which Portable approached his proposal and his willingness to go to great lengths to win her over.

Stressing his belief that Papaya Ex should marry a wealthy man, Portable seemed to be urging her not to miss the opportunity of securing a prosperous future for herself. Whether it was an attempt at playful banter or a genuine expression of interest, his proposal was certainly one that stood out and sparked curiosity among fans and followers.

Papaya Ex, upon receiving Portable’s voice note, chose to respond by dismissing the proposal as a mere joke.

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