Portable Reveals How Much Of An Inspiration Wizkid Has Been To His Musical Career

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In a recent episode of the Honest Bunch podcast, Nigerian artist Portable took the opportunity to shine a light on the importance of weaving personal experiences and struggles into musical compositions. Drawing inspiration from fellow artist Wizkid, Portable emphasized how such themes have not only resonated with audiences but also fueled his own creative process.

Wizkid and Portable

During the podcast conversation, Portable expressed his deep admiration for Wizkid’s musical journey. He specifically pointed out Wizkid’s ability to intricately integrate his own life experiences into his music, citing the hit song “Ojuelegba” as a prime example. This track eloquently captures Wizkid’s early life challenges and triumphs, symbolizing his ascent from adversity to a position of prominence within the music industry.

Throughout the discussion, Portable showered praise on Wizkid’s musical genius and encouraged him to continue producing music that strikes a chord with individuals grappling with daily struggles. He asserted that Wizkid’s talent lies not only in his musical prowess but also in his capacity to share his personal narrative of rising from humble beginnings to international fame.

Delving into his own experiences, Portable candidly revealed his reasons for engaging in public spats with fellow artist Seyi Vibez. Portable recounted a time when he was on the brink of recognition and Seyi Vibez reportedly approached him to perform at one of his events, with Portable purportedly agreeing to perform without any fee. However, when Portable later extended an invitation to Seyi Vibez to perform on his own show, the request allegedly went unanswered. This perceived snub led to tensions between the two artists.

Portable and Seyi Vibez

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