Portable’s Outrage at Spyro’s Refusal: Street Artist Feud Sparks Controversy

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Prominent street artist, Portable, recently expressed his disappointment and publicly criticized his fellow artist, Spyro, for refusing to collaborate with him. In a video shared online, Portable emphasized that Spyro, still considered an upcoming artist, should display more humility in his approach.

Portable strongly condemned Spyro’s decision to decline a collaborative music project due to the differences in their musical styles. Taking to his Instagram page to share the video, Portable captioned it with the following words:

Them won disgrace me Thank God Say Man No Be God . ZAZUU can’t you see am shining

Akoi Grace Wey No Dey Disgrace

Aparo You never make am you dey form Ajebo


IKA Talk IKA Understand

In the video, Portable directly addressed Spyro, expressing his discontent by highlighting the latter’s limited musical success. He pointed out his numerous hit songs, countless performances, and numerous collaborative features. Portable emphasised that his repertoire of music was diverse and versatile, encompassing love songs, as well as various genres and styles.
The artist questioned Spyro’s musical direction, suggesting that Spyro’s singing abilities do not surpass those of the legendary Michael Jackson. He further criticized his colleague for his inability to deliver catchy choruses, while also stating that he himself is capable of adapting to Spyro’s unique style and singing patterns.

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