Why I Prefer Older Women – Aremu Afolayan

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Renowned Film maker, Kunle Afolayan’s brother, Aremu Afolayan has in a chat with Yes Magazine cleared the ‘Gigolo’ tag attached to him and his name as he opens up on his sexual preference, how best he likes his women and Why.

Speaking to the media outfit, Aremu said he can’t imagine having sexual relations with his younger girlfriend and she will in turn sleep with a Yahoo Boy or his dad’s friend just because she needs financial assistance.

He said: “They said I’m a gigolo right? I owe no one any explanation for the way I live my life. They can criticize my film, but not my life. They said I do rich women for money, how I wish I can do that because a gigolo don’t get broke like this. If I’m a gigolo I will never sell my properties to do a film of N16 million. I sold three of my cars to raise the money. I am not what people think I am.

He added: “I love ladies that are older than me. It’s my business because I don’t find the good thing, the real love and happiness from the young chaps,

“Can you imagine a situation where I sleep with my girl now and she will go and sleep with one yahoo boy or my daddy’s friend again because she needs money? So, I have to follow someone who is not a girl as they say, but a lady that is at least older than me. This is what I like. My life, not their life. So, that’s no one’s business. You see, I owe no one any explanation concerning this. I can only explain to God and until He comes, I can continue.”

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