Pregnant Woman Found in Pool of Blood after Friend Rips Out Baby from her Womb

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Ashleigh Wade, a 22-year-old woman is facing murder charge after she allegedly cut the unborn baby from the womb of her heavily pregnant childhood friend.

Angelikque Sutton, who was nearly nine months pregnant, was found in a pool of blood at Wade’s home.

Wade allegedly strangled and stabbed Ms Sutton, also 22, several times in the neck and torso inside her apartment.

A placenta was also found in the hallway near the bathroom and a knife was on the floor nearby.

The baby, who was been named Jenasis, survived and is being cared for at a hospital.

Wade was arrested while screaming that the infant was hers. She is charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and committing an “abortional act” that led to a woman’s death.

She has been pretending for some time that she was pregnant, posting pictures on Facebook of an ultrasound showing a foetus with the comment: “My lil dimpled cutie pie.”

Her boyfriend also shared the bogus sonogram image on his Facebook page with the comment, “can’t wait to meet her”.

Wade was taken away for a psychiatric evaluation.

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