President Buhari Calls Police Against Protesting Nigerians in London

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari who is currently on a ten day vacation in London has called London police against citizens of own his country who had gathered in front of the Abuja House in London to protest against happenings in the country.

This happened just two days after some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), also stormed the Abuja House in London to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari and the proscription of IPOB as a terrorist organisation.

President Buhari Calls Police against Protesting Nigerians in London

The Protest which was broadcast on Facebook live video was against President Buhari and his constant travel to the United Kingdom to access medical services while neglecting the health sector in Nigeria.

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The protesters insisted that President Buhari should go back to his country and develop it because it’s only developed countries that have quality medical facilities.

President Buhari called London Police to evacuate the protesters as they gathered around at the gate of the Abuja House. The London police however allowed the protesters to continue with their demonstration as they warned them to do it peacefully.

The protesting Nigerians in Diaspora also brought pictures showing the poor conditions of Nigerian health system which they presented in front of the Abuja House. They said the president should be using the local hospitals he is offering to other Nigerians.

Go back home and use everything you provided for Nigerians”. They chanted.

President Buhari Calls Police against Protesting Nigerians in London

While the protest was going on, a vehicle which was said to be conveying President Buhari left the Abuja House without a single comment to the Protesting Nigerians.

President Buhari is fond of travelling to the United Kingdom to treat ailments which the Presidency has refused to disclose to the Nation.

There were rumours that he had died in a London hospital following his disappearance from Aso Rock last year for nearly two months during which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo acted as President.


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