President Buhari’s Rejection Of Peace Corps Bill Generates Mixed Feelings Amongst Nigerians

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The refusal to sign the peace corps bill has created tension  among thousands of Nigerian youths who were eager to be recruited .

Mohammed Kabir from Kano expressed his displeasure at the development due to President Buhari’s non acceptance  of the said bill. hased youths to dismiss him as a befuddled leader unsure of what his objectives  are in his administration.

Mohammed Kabir from Kano state was seen standing with two of his friends, John Imasuen and Sani under a tree at the premises of the FCT Abuja command of the Peace Corps of Nigeria in a deflated mood.

“I  am just totally confused. I left school in 2014, I read accountancy at the Kano state polytechnic and since then I have been moving from one menial job to another. “said Mohammed who signed up last year 2017 for the Corps.

”When I got the opportunity to enlist with the Peace Corps, last year, I was so happy that I didn’t mind some of the demands they were making as requirements for enlistment. ”When I saw the opportunities the peace corps offered me, I didn’t look back, I borrowed money to buy the form and make other payments. My hope had been that when I get posted to a good place, from my salary I would pay back the loan. ”All hope is not lost yet. Something can still happen. If members of the National Assembly passed the bill, they have a reason for passing it and they will not allow the narrow interest of a few individuals to prevail.”  .

PCN Public Relations Officer, Patriot Millicent Umoru in a questions on what she thought could have led to the President’s decision not to sign the bill said, the President was being ill-advised by some  individuals with self centered  agendas.

”We have been having a running battle with the Nigerian Police which think we are coming to take over their job. But that is not true, Peace Corps is basically to provide intelligence for the police. ‘’We do not have the power to arrest or prosecute, our duty is basically with schools and neighbourhood watch. ‘’We are not in competition with the police in any way.” Umoru who suddenly became emotional wondered why youths will not keep finding their way out of the country when the authorities keep frustrating them at every turn. “For more than a year, the police sealed our headquarters and they have refused to leave there even when there are two court judgments ordering them to leave,” she said, adding, ”How can we move forward as a country when we do not follow the rule of law?”  .

Although there have been appeals from different voices including the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), the National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) among others, urging the President to change his mind  and sign the bill, there are also others of the opinion there is no need for another paramilitary body in the country.

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